I like other teachers and parents go through old pictures and see difference between how our students and children have developed. Be it learning the alphabet, learning to speak English as a Second Language, reading a chapter book for the first time or just learning how to tie a shoe, these are all great milestones. But sometimes the most important thing is just seeing a smile and knowning that you’re doing something right.

Here’s a picture of my daughter a few years ago when I homeschooled her for 3rd grade. What a happy little girl!

happy kid

Then, I came across this picture of her when I homeschooled her this past year for 5th grade. Still a happy little girl (who’s growing up, I might add).

happy kid2

Parents hold on to your children and try to capture a few smiles every month, so you can look back and see all of the good things you’ve done and how happy your children are! Teachers watch your students grow into productive citizens and see how you’ve made a different in their life!