As a child I always liked to cut and paste. I just felt like it was my job, like I was doing something important. I think all kids feel this way to some degree and the best part is it is interactive. Having an interactive activity helps them from remembering that they are learning and practicing something they have learned.


My new series of cut and paste printables help students to become involved in their own education! One great thing is that they are very easy for teachers to use, you just print and hand out to your students and they do the rest!

IMG_6827 (1)

Maybe they have a little extra time, then they can color the black and white graphics that are on these worksheets. But, there is no need as the graphics, borders and fonts are fun enough for children, but not too busy to take away from learning.


I have these worksheets for grammar skills, as well as math skills! Let me know if there is any particular ones you are looking for and I’ll be glad to make them for you.



Students love these as much as teachers, low stress equals easy learning.



Take a look at all of my cut and paste printables here: Cut and Paste Printables
I hope you are all having a great school year! I know we are. 🙂