One of my best memories of when I was young was when I used to cook with her. I remember one time she was a little upset, but she still wanted to do a little baking. My brother Rob Batot, my mother and I made up some coconut cloud cookies. But, since she was upset, she forgot to put the mixer together correctly and cookie batter flew all over the kitchen. My brother and I just went around and cleaned up all of the mess, of course by licking it up. Gross, yes, but it is a good funny memory because after that happened, my mother couldn’t help but laugh. Read this article

I like to cook and bake with my kids too, but it’s so hard since just when you think you have everything figured out, you find out that this or that is bad for you. Luckily for me I don’t have to worry about one thing when I cook with my kids – seasonings. My brother, Rob, created his own line of low salt seasonings. So, I just have to have those on stand by and everything else comes into place.

Here is our latest creation from last night – baked chicken, steamed broccoli and roasted utternut squash, seasoned with low salt seasonings. My kids were pleased with the results and my husband gobbled it up. I’m happy to have enough leftovers to eat today for lunch. It’s a win for all!

low salt seasonings

One of the things I really try to teach my kids is variety because I’m so bad at it normally. I try to buy different vegetables and use different types of meat so that they are used to eating different things and not the same thing over and over. Visit I’m pretty sure they would be happy to eat mac and cheese every day, but that’s also not going to help them grow up healthy and strong if that is their only food.

I really try to actively get them into recipe selections and engaged in all aspects of cooking, from prepping to cleaning up. Because really who wants to clean up after cooking, not me! We try to clean while we are cooking. Then, when we are done, we don’t have much to do.