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Autumn math scene

An autumn math scene for addition and subtractionA few years ago we shared this post, which featured a free printable where students could use their addition skills to add ornaments and other festive decorations to a Christmas tree. We received some positive feedback on that activity. Since the fall season is officially upon us, I’ve created a new math scene for autumn. Kids can use addition and subtraction to add various items to the scene.

I for one am excited about the season – the weather is already getting a bit cooler, and I’m looking forward to fun fall holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. We’ve already placed a few Halloween decorations on the lawn outside our house!

Here is the free download for the autumn math scene. I hope you and your students have a wonderful fall season.

The Many Uses of Morning Work

Do you use morning work in your classroom? I love morning work. It really helps students to stay focused as everyone else files into the classroom. I also like to use them as bell work, in case math isn’t the first class of the day. It helps students to stay focused between different subjects.

morning work5

I’m using my morning work pages with my children as exit tickets to use their electronic devices this summer. It keeps them focused and prevents the summer slide for math. I know lots of parents worry about reading in the summer, but sometimes they forget to reinforce math. I understand, there are so many things we as parents have to worry about. That is why I like these pages, you can half them to save on paper and also just to save on implementation. It’s just enough math to help your children review the skills.

morning work7

I also like the ‘too easy’ ‘too hard’ or ‘just right’ on the bottom because then you can see how your children or students feel about that particular math concept. My daughter had fun coloring the black and white graphics when she was done too!

morning work6

These morning work printables have a great format that will enable your students to work on them by themselves. This will help you free up time for last minute lesson prep. They also work well for homework. Low stress for your kids’ parents too!

morning work4

I love these input/output problems. My daughter didn’t realize that each one was different based on multiplication, division, etc. So it was nice to see her solve for the correct answer.
morning work2

I mentioned earlier that I used these as exit tickets in the summer, but you can use these as exit tickets during the school year too! The half-sized pages are just long enough to push your students to achieve a little bit more work before they go to recess or get to do another activity.

morning work3

And hey, sometimes pups have to get into the action of morning work, especially in the summer!

morning work1

To check out my morning work packets click on the following links:
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Seasonal Classwork

I think it’s important to celebrate the events that are going around us as we teach. I think it’s important to celebrate the beginning of the year, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holidays or seasons. By celebrating these through our curriculum, students enjoy their school work more since they can celebrate these holidays and seasons while learning.

Back to School is a season to me. Some students are excited about it, some are scared and some really just don’t want to be there. The important part is for them to work through their emotions and celebrate it.

sept interactive

Using seasonal interactive notebooks are a great way to gets students involved in the current holiday or season. This particular one, since it is back to school themed could really be used throughout the year, but it is extra special for students to use it during the back to school year.

sept interactive2

I have to admit during the different holidays, it can be hard to focus students are the tasks, especially at Halloween and Christmas. So, during these times I try to have seasonal activities that are extra engaging. Here are a very pictures of a very engaging math booklet that students can use. They can turn the different sections of the pages to create different problems. Fun + learning = happy students. Although I know it’s impossible to make everyone happy and that isn’t our goal as teachers, but it does make for better learning.

sept interactive3

sept interactive34

These little peek-a-boo school houses are a great way to review skills from the previous year, but keeping up with the back to school theme. The neat thing about these as students can go back and review these skills later on in the school year.

sept interactive5

To me, not only are seasonal activities great for students, but a variety of different activities. This activity has puzzle pieces and not only teaches or reviews a different skill, but uses a different method of learning – very hands-on as opposed to those dreaded worksheets that students get sick of way too often.

sept interactive7

I believe most if not all students enjoy coloring, so seasonal interactive activities give them the opportunity to do this while getting excited about the current holiday or season.

sept interactive8

Here’s my September Interactive Notebook: Back to School Interactive Math Notebook Third Grade Common Core

3rd grade hands on interactive notebook - September (1)

Color by Subtraction Worksheet

Free Color by Subtraction Worksheet

Color by subtraction

Here’s a free color by numbers worksheet with a farm theme. It is ideal for students who are beginning or practicing subtraction. Download the PDF file and have your kids solve the subtraction equations in the problem. Next, they should color the girl, the barn, the rooster and the rest of the farmyard scene according to the color key provided at the bottom of the worksheet. When your class has finished coloring the scene according to the equations provided, they can then color in the rest of the picture however they wish. This will provide some colorul variations in case you’re interested in posting the results of this exercise on the classroom wall.

More color by numbers worksheets

Completing color by numbers activities for addition, subtraction, and other operations helps to reinforce math skills in your students in fun and creative ways. If you’re interested in finding more color by numbers activities for various types of mathematical operations, check out our Math Puzzles and Picture Math products at the Mixminder TPT store.

First and Second Grade Common Core Standards for Mathematics

This worksheet aligns with the following standards:

  • 1.OA.5, Operations & Algebraic Thinking for first grade:

    Relate counting to addition and subtraction (e.g., by counting on 2 to add 2).

  • 1.OA.6, Operations & Algebraic Thinking for first grade:

    Add and subtract within 20, demonstrating fluency for addition and subtraction within 10.

  • 2.OA.2, Operations & Algebraic Thinking for second grade:

    Fluently add and subtract within 20 using mental strategies. By end of Grade 2, know from memory all sums of two one-digit numbers.

Numbers and Shapes Subtraction Wheels

Subtraction wheels for even numbers

Here is a free worksheet that you can download and hand out to your students for some extra practice with subtraction. Using this subtraction number wheel worksheet can help to reinforce the concept that numbers are made up of units. It might make for a good work-at-your-desk classroom or homeschool activity, or can even be used as a test to see how your kids are progressing with their subtraction skills.

This worksheet can continue the lessons learned in the beginner Subtracting Shapes from Numbers worksheet. With these number wheels your children or students can have more practice subtracting shapes from numbers, and more familiarity with the concept of subtraction in general.

The number of shapes within the center of each number wheel are even numbers.

For this activity, children are asked to write their answers in the form of numbers (printed numerals). However, if you like, they can also write their answers in the form of a total number of shapes – they may not have space to do this on the math worksheet, but if you are using math journals as part of your school or homeschool curriculum these can be used for answering the questions.

Subtracting Shapes from Numbers

Subtracting shapes from numbers

Here’s a free downloadable worksheet that you can use in your home or classroom to teach subtraction to your children or students. With this mathematics activity your students will be subtracting different shapes from different numerals to come up with the answers to the math problems.

In this activity, children are asked to write their answers in the form of numbers (printed numerals). However, if you like, they can also write their answers by drawing a number of shapes that equals the answer to the math question – they may not have space to do this on the math worksheet, but if you are using math journals as part of your school or homeschool curriculum these can be used for answering the questions.

Teaching subtraction with shapes

Using this particular subtraction activity can help you to teach subtraction to your class as it reinforces the concept that numbers are made up of units. For each problem students are presented with a numeral that a child then needs to use to subtract a collection of individual units equaling a number as the final answer. Students will need to understand the way the numerals and the number of units correlate in order to solve each problem.

If you are using this worksheet as part of a public or private school curriculum, you might choose to have your children complete the problems individually and then work through them together on the blackboard or on a whiteboard in front of the classroom. Together you can start with the numeral and then “count down the shapes” in unison until arriving upon the answer.