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Teaching About India

Another country that I made printables for is India! This country has given the world some of the most popular food – curry! I don’t know about you, but I love to eat curry! Like my other This Kids’ Life Series, this packet is filled with puzzles, crafts, coloring projects, writing, reading and more!

Since many people travel by train in India, sometimes for a very long time, I made a writing page asking students what they would do on a train if they had to ride it for over 24 hours. I think it will be interesting to see all of the creative ideas your students will have.

india 3

One of the art projects in my India packet is a 3D sphere of the Indian Flag. Students will love to take this home and show their parents what they learned.


If you’d like to learn more about my India printables, click here: India Country Study


Tunisia is an amazing country filled with a varied past. It was at one time ruled by the French, but it gained its independence from the French in 1956. Tunisia’s official language is Arabic, but they still use French due to the past French ties. Almost 99% of the population of Tunisia is Muslim. There are so many other interesting things to learn about Tunisia. With the help of my Tunisia printables you and your students can explore Tunisia together.

tunisia 4

Students can make crafts, color pictures, and more to really immerse themselves into the Tunisian culture. These make great take-homes for students to show their parents what they learned in school.


Not only are there facts, discussion questions and a two-page letter from a child describing her life in Tunisia, there are also writing prompts and pages to help students process all of the things they learned.



If you’d like to learn more about my Tunisia packet click here: Tunisia Country Study

Ancient Mesopotamia

Did you know Ancient Mesopotamia was located mostly in what is called Iraq in present day? There are also a few parts of Ancient Mesopotamia in present day Turkey, Syria and Iran. I love exploring Ancient civilizations with my kids. I think it’s great to look at the past in order to learn about things for our future.


Like my other Ancient Civilization units, this unit has a letter from a boy back in Ancient Mesopotamia. In his letter it explains how his life was in Ancient Mesopotamia. There are also facts and discussion questions, crafts, coloring pages, writing activities and more. My favorite activity is where students can make a cuneiform tablet!



Here’s an example of one of the activites. You can take these pieces and put all of the students’ artworks together and make a mosaic.


If you’d like to look at more closely at my newest Ancient Civilization Unit click here: Ancient Mesopotamia.


My newest country unit is about Panama. I think Panama is a wonderful country full of flora and fauna and interesting facts! One interesting fact is that students go to school in shifts. There are two shifts each day, so you only have to go to school during one shift. Which would you prefer – the morning shift or the afternoon shift? I think I would prefer to go to school in the morning. I’d love to have the afternoon free to do what I’d like to do.

Students can take what the facts that they learn and write an essay about life in Panama.



There are also three types of puzzles students can do in order to help them practice what they’ve learned in my Panama unit. There is a crossword puzzle, word search and secret mesage puzzle.


As with my other country packets, this one also has crafts that the students can do in order to learn more about Panama. Here’s a doll that they can make. It is a great take-away that they can show their parents what country they are learning about.


If you’d like to learn more about my Panama unit, click here: Panama Country Study


A teacher recently asked me to add to my county units by creating country units for any other Central American countries that I didn’t have yet. She said that she has at least one child from each of those countries in her classroom this year. She wants to use my Central America country units to introduce those countries to the other students in her class. The first country I chose to create was Honduras.

Through my Honduras unit, students will learn about Honduras by reading a letter from a child from Honduras, making crafts, coloring and writing. Here’s a coloring page that is included in the unit.


Students and teachers will adore the colorful graphics, as well at the black-lined graphics. Students will be able to take what they’ve learned and write about Honduras by the end of the unit.


A great take-away from this unit is a a Scarlet Macaw craft. The Scarlet Macaw is the national bird of Honduras. Parents will be impressed with what their children created and learned. You can even add a ring on the bottom of the bird and they can use it as a finger puppet.


To find out more about my Honduras unit click here: Honduras Country Study

Tanzania Country Study

Tanzania is a wonderful country you can introduce your students to! Students can learn facts, create art products, read about Tanzania, write about what they learned, do puzzles and more! Students can also create a fun booklet about Tanzania.



Students can write about the facts they learned about Tanzania. The official language is Swahili is one of the interesting facts they’ll learn and put in their booklet.


Traditional crafts will be a great hit on bulletin boards, for take-homes for parents to see or for an open house.



If you’d like to learn more about my Tanzania Country Study, click here: Tanzania Country Study

Learning about Iceland

Iceland is a country that I’m extremely interested in. I love the fact that so many people from Iceland believe in elves. I mean don’t we all kind of want to believe in elves even if we don’t. I think it’s fun to teach students about these unique things about different cultures, especially through crafts.


We all know that crafts are fun, but writing and reading are obviously more important and my Iceland packet utilize all of these ways to learn about Iceland.


At the end students can process all of the things they’ve learned and write about Iceland. I even have a writing activity where students can compare Iceland to their own country.


Another fun aspect of my Iceland Country Study is that the graphics are original and authentic to the country and culture. I have to admit my favorite part of making country study units is creating the grapics for these printables.


If you’d like to learn more about my Iceland Country Study click here: Iceland Country Study.

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Do you know which city is the capital of Pakistan? It’s Islamabad. This might not have been your first guess since it’s the 9th largest city in the county of Pakistan. The largest city in Pakistan is Karachi.

Pakistan is one of those countries that are extremely interesting to learn about because it’s not traditionally discussed in school. I don’t think I learned about this country until I was in high school. With such a truly global world with the internet and social media, I think it’s important for students to learn about countries like Pakistan because it opens their mind and their world.


When learning about a new country, it’s so important to engage students. My Pakistan printables have crafts, puzzles and a letter from a child who lives in Pakistan. It describes how it is to live in Pakistan from the eyes of a child.



To learn more about my Pakistan Country Study click here: Pakistan Country Study

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Ancient Maya

Besides teaching about foreign countries, I love teaching about ancient civilizations too! I think it’s great for students to see how people lived in the past and perhaps we can learn from any mistakes they made if they did or we can learn from their successes as well.

Here’s a picture from my Ancient Maya packet. It’s filled with lots of different types of printables: a letter from an Ancient Maya Child, facts about Ancient Maya, Mayan language information, puzzles, crafts, writing and more.


Here’s a picture of a ancient Maya mask that students can color. There is also a version of this printable where students can design their own mask.


This is my favorite activity in the packet. Students can make their own Ancient Maya doll. It makes for an impressive takeaway for students to show their parents and leaves an great impression of Ancient Maya in students’ minds.


Did you know that Mayan is the word for the language of Maya? And people from Ancient Maya are called Mayas? This is just one of the items you’ll learn in my Ancient Maya packet so you can teach your children proper terminology when studying about ancient civilizations.

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