My favorite thing to see is when one of my students ‘gets it’. I feel like I’ve succeeded in my profession as a teacher, at least for that moment. My second favorite thing to see is when one of my students smiles and I can tell they are enjoying the activity we are working on. This is why I’ve created math gooyfy glyphs. My two favorite things about teaching are combined.

What is a math goofy glyph? It’s a math glyph that is specific for the grade you are teaching. I have many different grade levels that focus on different specific math tasks for that grade level. The goofy part comes when students make a mistake in their math problem. Then, they have to add something silly to their glyph. For example, with my Back to School Math Goofy Glyphs, you might have a trash can instead of a backpack for the base of the glyph. It’s really fun and the students are learning and practicing skills they’ve previously learned. They also look great in the hallway or on the bulletin board.

Here’s my latest math goofy glyph – You’re students will create a pretty plant scene and if they make a mistake, they might make a venus fly trap!


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