Learning about countries is fun to do with an interactive notebook. It’s something you can work with your students several times each year, adding a country each time you use it. Each country has facts, foldables and cute graphics to color.

world int 5

My daughter loved learning about Japan. She’s really been into Japan and learning Japanese lately, so it’s been fun to provide her with activities that she loves.
world int 4

The passages about each countries provide lots of useful facts and students can refer back to these as well in this interactive format.

world int 2

My favorite country is Russia and I love teaching others about Russia and all of the great culture it has to offer!

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A variety of foldables add to the uniqueness of this packet. It’s truely interactive with flaps, foldables and more!

world int 1

This interactive notebook is designed to work with a variety of age groups.

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There are 30 countries in this packet so you can either use all of the countries or select the ones that you’d like. Countries explored include: Italy, France, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, New Zealand, USA, Canada, England, Germany, Norway, Brazil, Japan, China, India, South Africa, Australia, Thailand, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Portugal, Turkey, Albania, South Korea, Ukraine, Tunisia, Finland, Morocco, and the Netherlands.

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