Did you know Ancient Mesopotamia was located mostly in what is called Iraq in present day? There are also a few parts of Ancient Mesopotamia in present day Turkey, Syria and Iran. I love exploring Ancient civilizations with my kids. I think it’s great to look at the past in order to learn about things for our future.


Like my other Ancient Civilization units, this unit has a letter from a boy back in Ancient Mesopotamia. In his letter it explains how his life was in Ancient Mesopotamia. There are also facts and discussion questions, crafts, coloring pages, writing activities and more. My favorite activity is where students can make a cuneiform tablet!



Here’s an example of one of the activites. You can take these pieces and put all of the students’ artworks together and make a mosaic.


If you’d like to look at more closely at my newest Ancient Civilization Unit click here: Ancient Mesopotamia.