Besides teaching about foreign countries, I love teaching about ancient civilizations too! I think it’s great for students to see how people lived in the past and perhaps we can learn from any mistakes they made if they did or we can learn from their successes as well.

Here’s a picture from my Ancient Maya packet. It’s filled with lots of different types of printables: a letter from an Ancient Maya Child, facts about Ancient Maya, Mayan language information, puzzles, crafts, writing and more.


Here’s a picture of a ancient Maya mask that students can color. There is also a version of this printable where students can design their own mask.


This is my favorite activity in the packet. Students can make their own Ancient Maya doll. It makes for an impressive takeaway for students to show their parents and leaves an great impression of Ancient Maya in students’ minds.


Did you know that Mayan is the word for the language of Maya? And people from Ancient Maya are called Mayas? This is just one of the items you’ll learn in my Ancient Maya packet so you can teach your children proper terminology when studying about ancient civilizations.

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