I know I’ve mentioned in a past post about how much I love learning and teaching about other countries, but I also adore learning and teaching about different ancient civilizations. I think we can learn a lot about ourselves by learning about the past. Not only can we learn from their mistakes but we can learn how they work as a community and how to grow as a community. I think it’s hard to teach an introduction of Ancient Egypt to elementary students because you want to hit some points and you need to keep them interested. So, I created a fun high-interest packet to keep students involved in the learning process when learning about Ancient Egypt.

ancient egypt 2

There are lots of crafts since I think it’s fun to get students excited about learning through crafts, but it also has lots of more educational components like writing a comparison essay, a long letter from a child from that time period, some brainstorming activities and more – all about Ancient Egypt.

ancient egypt 4

Students will love making their own Ancient Egypt Cobra Headpiece. They can color it however they like and also add their own touches like glitter or stickers. Adding a pipe cleaner to the back of the cobra will make it stand up tall.

ancient egypt 7

ancient egypt 1

My son had fun making his own Ancient Egypt Cobra Headpiece today on this lazy summer day. As you can tell, he’s a bit shy.

ancient egypt 5

Students will also love creating their own Ancient Egypt Sarcophagus!

ancient egypt 6

You can find my Ancient Egypt printables here: Ancient Egypt

this kids life ancient Egypt 21