The Czech Republic is a country located in central Europe.  Its capital is the beautiful city of Prague which is donned with breathtaking architecture and one of the most Instagram-worthy picture sites of Prague castle.  But what do you know about the school system and how kids live their daily lives in Czechia?

1.  The breakdown of the schools is different than in the USA – Elementary school starts in 1st grade and goes up to 9th grade.  High school is only 3 years long and students graduate after they finish 12th grade.

2. There is a school leaving exam – In their 9th grade and 12th grade years there are two major exams that the students have to study for and take.  This is a very stressful time as the results on the 9th grade exam affects where they can attend high school and the results of the 12th grade exam affects where they can go to university.  The exam in the 12th grade year is called the Maturita.

3.  Lots of options for high schools – There are lots of different options for high schools.  Students can attend a traditional high school called a gymnázium.  They can also attend technical high schools where they can learn real life skills like nursing, dentistry, flower arranging, baking, mechanics, and more!  The last option is for children to learn at an international school. There are American, British, French, and German high schools in Prague and in Brno.

4.  Lower elementary school has short hour – The lower grades of elementary schools usually have a full day program, but only the morning hours are mandatory.  So, many elementary school students go home and spend time with their parents or grandparents in the afternoon.

5.  Age to start school – Kids in the Czech Republic tend to start school a bit later than they do in the USA.  Thus, it is not unusual to see students graduate when they are 20 years old from high school.  Age isn’t as big of a deal in the different grades as it is in the USA.

If you’d like to learn more about a kid’s life in the Czech Republic, check out my interactive workbook here