Around the world learningLearning about different cultures and countries is important to children.  It gives students a more global perspective and helps to build tolerance.

1. Learn about a new country each week – There are 195 countries in the world.  Imagine how many countries you could teach your students about if you taught them about 1 new country each week.  They could learn about geography, culture, and more in just a short simple lesson.

2.  Have students present about a country that is important to them – For this you could have students have a presentation about a country from their ancestry, a country that they have ties to, or a country that is important to them for any reason.  This way students may learn a bit more about not only the country they choose, but they’ll learn about other countries from their peers.

3.  Around the World Day – Pick a day and let students draw different countries you want to cover from a hat.  The students can then make a presentation, poster, food, etc. about that country.  It’s a great way to take a pause from traditional learning and learn about countries that they may not learn about in their regular curriculum. 

Not sure where to start?  Check out my Around the World Bundle of 85 countries.  Students will learn about different countries around the world through the eyes of the children who live there.