While most of us teach online classes synchronously because of the real-time feedback, there are many benefits to use asynchronous lessons as well.  In case you are new to online learning and you don’t know what asynchronous means, it means that the teacher is not teaching live at the same time all of the students are learning.

1.  Students can take the classes when it is convenient for them.  Due to family obligations, athletics or the like, asynchronous classes allow students to engage in the class content whenever they are able to.  Students will still have deadlines for assignments, but then will have the flexibility to decide when they want to do the assignments.

2.  Timid students feel more comfortable.  Let’s face it, Zoom lessons can be intimidating for some students, so asynchronous lessons might be a good idea for these students.

3.  Promotes independence.  Due to the nature of these lessons, instead of students being spoon-fed everything, they will gain a sense of independence by driving their own educational experience.

I personally like blended classes with some synchronous lessons and some asynchronous.  This way you get the benefits of both of these types of lessons.  What do you prefer?

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