Taking the Stress Out of Halloween

Ever feel stressed during the week? My Halloween Stress-Free Printables are something you can use when you are feeling stressed and for many other reasons – something extra for your early finishers, when you need to have something prepared for your sub, for homework, for morning work or for a fun Halloween center. Here are […]

Discovering America STEM

I didn’t want to title this post as Christopher Columbus Day because I know many people have issues with him (including myself). However, there are still states that require teachers to teach about Christopher Columbus. I decided to make a STEM activity for Christopher Columbus that focuses more on STEM and less on the historical […]

Thanksgiving is One of My Favorite Holidays

Here’s a post for all of those overachieving teachers who like to have things planned weeks in advanced. Sometimes that is me, but mostly I’m a last minute sort of gal. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Although I know the point behind it is for giving thanks and honoring our past, I still […]

Interactive Grammar Notebook for Sixth Grade

My daughter is now in Sixth Grade and she loves interactive notebooks. She asked me to make a more grammar specific notebook for her grade. She said she really enjoys learning grammar, so she wanted to do more for English. Why not, I answered! So, after several weeks of working on it, I’m happy to […]

Four Ways to Add a Bit of Halloween to Your Classroom

I look forward to this time of year for months. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all back to back. It’s so much fun! Students look forward to it even more! Instead of hiding Halloween, use it to help students have even more fun learning. Here are four ways you can add Halloween to your classroom. #1. […]

Halloween Close Reading

My daughter loves to read. She’ll read anything and everything. For some odd reason she ran out of books to read last night and the library had already closed, so I printed my Halloween Close Reading packet for her to read. She really enjoyed reading the stories for this packet. The side panel really gave […]

Halloween Haunted House STEM Challenge

This weekend my daughter and I had some good quality time decorating our front yard with Halloween decorations. She said she wanted to do more Halloween stuff during the weekend. I broke out my Halloween STEM Challenges printables and she started working on building her own haunted house. She started by creating a booklet to […]

Halloween Math Goofy Glyphs

I love glyphs! Students love them too! My best selling Math Goofy Glyphs are my Halloween Math Goofy Glyphs. We’ve just revamped them with new graphics too, so they’ll be even more enjoyable for students! Here are what some people are saying about my Halloween Math Goofy Glyphs: “This activity keeps the students engaged in […]

Fifth Grade Interactive Grammar Notebook

If you read my blog you know I’m crazy about interactive notebook. I think I love them so much because my children love them so much! My latest interactive notebook is for 5th grade. It has all of the grammar (or language) common core standards for 5th grade. But, if your state doesn’t follow the […]